Using Moonstone to Unlock Your Chakras

Moonstone has always been prized for its blue-white adularescence and its often milky appearance. The gemstone is found on all continents and has been traditionally used to make jewelry and decorative furniture. However, moonstone is also used to direct the flow of energy through the body and heal ailments.

What are chakras?

The term “Chakra” comes from Sanskrit and describes energy points in our bodies. There are seven points and each of them corresponds to specific nerves and organs. However, their state also plays an important part in our emotional well-being.

Generally speaking, chakras must allow energy to flow through the body, for us to be healthy. However, emotional distress and trauma can lead to them becoming blocked. This causes organs or body parts to be starved of energy and which causes them to suffer.

One of the best ways to open and realign your chakras is by using gemstones that can help redirect your body’s energy to the right places. While any gemstone can be used on any chakra, each of them is more effective when used on specific energy centers.

What chakra is Moonstone good for?

Moonstone is the most effective when used on the Solar Plexus. The chakra is located in the upper abdomen and governs confidence and self-esteem. The physical symptoms of Solar Plexus chakra blockage include eating disorders, digestive issues, ulcers, heartburn, and indigestion.

When the gemstone is used on this energy point, it helps calm digestive problems and also calms your emotions. Moonstone may also be used on the Sacral Chakra to improve the health of your reproductive organs. The gem’s innate calming powers also make it useful for channeling energy through your Third Eye Chakra. Using it here may enable you to connect to your Higher Self more easily by helping you silence your thoughts and meditate more easily.

However, keep in mind that Moonstone can be used on any chakra and will always have beneficial effects on your body and mind.

How can you use Moonstone to improve your body’s energy flow?

Moonstones, like all gemstones, are easy to use for healing. You can place them directly on the energy centers of the chakras that you want to heal, or:

  • Use tumbled stones to focus your thoughts

Hold a moonstone in your hand and focus your thoughts on what you want to accomplish. Try to clear your mind and only think about your objectives and the steps that you need to take to achieve them.

Keep the stone in your pocket and use it as a reminder of what you should do next. Over time, you will attune the stone to your thoughts and it will help you focus.

  • Use spherical stones as stress balls

Moonstones are known for their ability to calm an individual’s thoughts and help him manage stressful situations. Use two spherical moonstones as stress balls. Whenever you have time, hold them in your hands and focus your mind on what you have to do. In time, they will attune to your body’s energies and will help keep you calm even when you use them by reflex.

  • Massage your body with Moonstones

By massaging the energy centers of your chakras with moonstone, you will help open and align them. This will allow the energy to flow throughout your body, calming your mind and maintaining the health of your organs.

Using moonstone jewelry to open your chakras

Moonstone has a passive effect on your body. This means that you will feel the benefits of the gemstone even if you wear it as jewelry. However, if you want to open different chakras, you should wear jewelry that can be placed as close to the energy centers as possible.

For example, if you have throat-related issues and you want to open your throat chakra, wear a moonstone necklace. Keeping the stone close to the throat chakra will help open it.

Use Moonstone to open your chakras and calm the mind

Moonstone has always been valued for its ability to focus the mind and redirect the body’s energies. Wear it, as jewelry, use it to open your energy centers during meditation, or draw on its power to heal ailments that are associated with the Sacral Chakra.


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